Monday, December 05, 2005

winter efforts

"Winter, Chick le 'est, 11"x14"

"January Thaw, Devil's Elbow" 16"x20"

I have been delighted with the results of winter work out of doors. It is cold but I have the luxury of a car heater. When my hands or feet get too cold I simply jump in and warm up. I tune the satelite radio in to the Opera and turn up the volume with the doors open and paint away. Eat your heart out Monet! Luv it! The white of the snow is like the white of the canvas which makes it easy to decipher the composition and shape of things. The painting just about paints itself and I try to keep from overworking the painting. I use a very limited pallet raw umber, raw sienna, alizarin, cobalt blue a little viridian and very little cad yellow but lots of thick impasto titanium white.

"Storm Over 21 mile" 16"x20"

"Winter Tracks" 11"x14"

"Tracks in the Snow" 11"x14"