Monday, August 13, 2012

 I'm gonna be here, painting my arm off for 7 days.  As you can see by the flier the sale and reception will be 6-8 pm September 7th.  It's a great time with good food, drinks and fine art.  Hood River is an exceptional place to paint.  15 minutes in any direction can put you at the foot of snow capped Mt. Hood to the south, the luscious rain forest of the gorge in the west, Mt. Adams to the north or the arid basalt cliffs of inland desert of eastern Washington and Oregon.  All located on the might Columbia River.
       I have my favortie spots to paint but every year I find a new inspiration.  Plein Air painting allows a painter to paint from nature in the "open air".  I believe it's an opportunity to show others what another sees.  Things that one takes for granted get elevated to a special dimension by an artist. 
        The folks at Columbia Art Center do a fantastic job putting on this gig which is regarded as one of the premier juried plein air events of the region if not the nation.  It's always an honor to hang alongside some of the best painters around. 
         I look forward to seeing old friends and patrons and painting in Hood River, Oregon.  Hope to see you there.