Monday, December 04, 2006

Paintbrush Protectors

As a result of Richard Schmid's advice I'm starting to take better care of my brushes which also makes me reflect upon the quality of brush stroke I make.
I bought a nice Lilly for my sweety on her birthday and it came in a nifty water device that also protects the stem. It is a plastic tube with a soft rubber cap that has a hole in it to slip over the handle of the brush. This set up will not only protect your brush but keeps them moist which helps to hold their shape.
I'm delighted with a paintbrush I found on sale but can't find any more. It's a #10 round Art Advantage 5312D made in China. I think it is a combination nylon/sable that has a wonderful tip and holds plenty of paint. It's very springy but incredibly fine tip. I use it for both washes and heavier opaque oil. If anyone can tell me where to find more please leave a comment.


Latest works from the West Fork Ranch

Studies done on Mahogany veneer. A trick I picked up from crazy artist, fish biologist and back country skier Peter Corbit of Slocan, BC. Peter has a romance going with the back country. A great guide whether skiing or painting. The wood panel sucks up the medium and it is like painting watercolor. I use only paint thinner. I've been studying Richard Schmid's "Alla Prima, all I know about Painting" which I highly recommend to everyone. Schmid has had enormous influence on representational painters today. I'm always running into reference to him. You can buy his books cheaper than anywhere else on