Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding Bells for Gregg and Betts

It's wedding bells for Gregg and Betts June, 26 2010, 4pm at the Westfork Ranch on the Sanpoil!
Barbecue and music by local Peacenik, Robin Ellis
Come boogy and help us celebrate.
Garden party or ranch attire appropriate.
Bring your tent, camper, fishing pole and sleeping bag or stay in nearby Republic at the Northern Inn, 775.2130, or the Kdiamond K, 775.3351.  Our friends at the K Diamond K are providing rooms for us at their special B & B rate.  If at all possible they'd like a 3 night minimum stay as it's their high season.  The ranch offers all sorts of extras, like horse rides, so come over and have a mini-vacation.
While you're here you should also check out the Stonerose Interpretive Center.
Check for even more information on things to see and do in our corner of the world.
Questions?  Call us at 509.775.2130.

Your smiling face is all we look for on our wedding day but for those of you that insist, we made wedding presents easy at Amazon.  We love music, books, movies and of course, Art.  Wedding present registry;