Saturday, March 19, 2011

Links; Reese, How to Draw A Horse, DVD

William F. Reese, master artist passed away last year.  I stopped by to visit his wife, Fran and had a woderful visit and as usual went away with treasures of wisdom, one of which is an instructional dvd, "A Tribute to His Love of Horses," that Bill made before he passed away about how to draw a horse.  Bill was meticulously thorough in his knowledge of horses.  He had a life size skeleton of a horse and studied the anatomy of the horse in university.  The dvd is wonderful for me in that Bill's presence, his stern yet encouraging words are as if he is still with me.  Bill and I shared a high regard for the beauty of the horse.  If you are one to work with horses in your art this dvd is a must have and can be ordered from Fran through their website, .  Have a look around as there are many other valuable items for the artist.  I also highly recommend Bill's books on painting, "The Painter's Process".  A no non-sense book of wisdom for all aspiring painters.

Monday, March 14, 2011

In the Shade of the Sun I Sleep

In the shade of the sun I sleep

my soul wanders,

I wake behind the veil into the light

my soul sleeps.
All the night is my world as I dream.
All the day is not as I live.