Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saulita, Mexico

Betts and I traveled south for some sun.  We swam, surfed, fished, ate great food and made new friends.  Altogether a great time.
Album Pics, Betts and Gregg, Sayulita, Mexico
We fished with Skipper Enrique Moeller.  Betts caught a 50# Rooster Fish which is like a poor man's sail fish.  It was everything she could do to get it to the boat.  Rooster Fish aren't to tasty so we released the ones we caught and took home Sierra Mackarell which made some excellent civece.  We had them cooked up by Mary's, a small family run eatery near the Plaza in Sayulito.
For fishing or accomadations contact;
La Morena
Enrique Moeller
mx 1-322-229-0039
It was the 12 day celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe.  Every night for 12 days until December 12, a procession winds through the town with folks carrying candles and singing hymns as they march to the church in the center of town.  Every day (and into the early morning) fireworks boom over the town despelling the evil spirits and calling the faithful to the church.  On the 12th a tower of fireworks is set off in the town plaza.  The entire town shows up.  Food vendors are everywhere.  Caballeros wearing their finest sombrero's and chaps put on an impressive display riding amazingly well trained "dancing" horses.  Needless to say a lot of Tequilla helps the performance.

One of the participants after the night's celebration.
Even paradise has it's detractions.
But altogether it was a good trip with some of the best Tequilla in the world.

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