Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Chinook, Logging Horse" 11x 14, oil

My friend Rod Gould is a horselogger in Greenwood B.C. This is 'Chinook' who is a Percheron/Belgian crossbreed and is a real worker. Rod and his teams of horses have been logging a long time, maybe 30 yrs or more and is one of the few loggers left working horses in the woods.
What with all the talk about global warming, sustainable communities and carbon footprint there is much to be said for the benign technology of working horses. I'll take equine footprint over a carbon footprint anyday.
One of my ambitions is to go around the world painting and researching those that use animal power whether horses, camels, water buffalo, reindeer or elephants. I believe the future needs to have less to do with the science of machines and more to do with working with nature and the science of husbandry.
If anyone knows of a fellowship or support for such an effort, let me know.
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