Friday, August 18, 2006

Mobile Marketing

I hit the road with my partner Betty Sue to do some 'Mobile Marketing'. Mobile marketing is simply hitting the road and going to whatever venue fits our product which is artwork and local crafts. Verizon sponsored a trailer and some road funds and our first stop was a trial experience at the Taste of Edmunds street fair. We had 75,000 people go by the tent and paid expenses but learned that food fairs aren't a place for fine art as well as a lot of other marketing lessons. We're off to Chelan, WA which is a small fine arts venue. Lots of new homes and wineries up there. We'll see if folks are in the mood to invest in fine art.

Annual Snow Peak Firewood trip

Son Paige and I packed into the Snow Peak Shelter on Sherman Pass. Most every year we go up and skid firewood for the USFS. It was a hot day 95 degrees. The skids were long and uphill but we managed to put up about 3 cords. It's a great shelter with propane stove and solar powered lights. It seems to be used mostly in the winter by skiers that hike the 3 miles into the shelter.