Wednesday, October 07, 2009

thoughts on plein air and abstract art

I write as much as I paint, perhaps more. I think I should share some of those insights as this is a journal of artistic progress.
Every painting is an experiment. The current goal is to reflect not only the visual model but the internal thoughts to try to attain spiritual content.

Journal Jots;

Spiritual Abstract Art
Abstract Spiritual Art

The blank page is a spiritual slate
ready for creation/expression
Nature as a teacher/model is a point of departure for spiritual reflection .
Plein air painting is a study that puts one in the moment.
The studies are developed in the 'Temple of the Studio'.
The product is a revelation of

The first painting in this series was done en plein air, Washington Pass, Mazama, WA., as were the next two. The last painting was done in the studio, a result of plein air studies and thoughts developed over time. Plein air painting puts one in the moment. The information gathered achieves a visual vocabulary that can be expanded on in the studio. Both practices enhance my development as an artist and as a person. Hopefully the effort will have value to others as well.


thoughts on art; abstract plein air

I regard this as a fine abstract landscape. It is from this point that the painting gets developed in an attempt to accomplish something that is a representation of nature. One that gives comfort to those that need to know what they are looking at is familiar and perhaps safe, in-as-much-as art goes. It is at this point that there are paths to less comfortable but more insightful opportunities. Opportunities that fulfill aesthetic and even spiritual truths. After all, the pursuit of art is a personal adventure if one is to pursue ,should aspire to more than a mundane fabrication of a material product. Whoa! Is that a little too much?

work in progress

I regard this painting as a 'Spiritual' effort.
Done in the Temple of the Studio, reflecting thoughts and artistic aspirations, reflecting my knowledge of horses, plein air landscape studies with deliberate attempt to include abstract composition. It is a direction I hope to expand upon.