Thursday, November 21, 2013

Magic of the Columbia
Back in my warm Sanpoil Studio, looking out on the cold windy grey winter world painting colorful, warm, happy, beautiful paintings of the wonderful summer I had chasing steelhead around the Pacific Northwest. 
This is a digital version of a 3'x4' oil painting currently in progress.  I think I like the digital version better than the analog version which encourages me to explore this medium. 
Susie Engelstad, owner of the Artworks Gallery in Olympia, where I show my work, has been doing some very creative stuff with digital art.  It's a growing medium for fine art so I best throw my hat in the ring and try to integrate the computer as more of a tool than I have been.
I mostly use it to work with landscape photos that I use for paintings but it is evident that there are vast possibilities that digital work opens.
 As the camera turned the art world on it's head for the impressionists so to the computer is to our world today.  The only detraction I have with digital art is that it isn't archival in the sense that good art lasts for hundreds if not thousands of years.