Friday, May 16, 2008

Up Coming Art Shows and Paint Outs

May-July, I have a piece in the Coos Bay Museum, Expressions West Show, have to try their marine exhibit and paintout next year.
June 6, Kress Gallery, Riverpark Square, Spokane, WA. Opening One Man Show, "Fresh Air, The Plein Air Paintings of Gregg Caudell. Reception, with poet, Slatz, reading from his series, "Seasons". I'll have my easle out getting paint on my good cloths. I should have called the show "Seasons" as I have a Season Series myself and many of my subjects are the same in different seasons, such as the "Willow" Series. I have a large sculptured willow tree outside my house that I paint in every season and time of day. It has great sweeping branches that are gold against a cerulean sky. The horses have stripped the bark off the lower branches making for interesting lines. It sits in a slough and must drink hundreds of gallons of water a day. A solar water pump that sleeps in the winter. It is just waking up now and is completely golden flowers.
Slatz, a.k.a. Dick Bresgal, and I used to go around with a group of other inspired types giving poetry recitals in the Spokane region. Dick still writes and keep his hand in such creative endeavors. It will be like old times, coming full circle. He's quite a character, about 6'3", long mane of silver hair, voice like a gentle giant and writes with the moon in the corner of his eye. Should be a great time. Come on down!

June, 2-8, Wallowa Arts Festival, Joseph, Oregon. I'll be visiting the area to paint and show. There will be an auction of plein air work on Saturday night at the Civic Center. Never been to Joseph but it looks stunning. Little Town by a lake surrounded by mountains. Sounds like home. The date runs concurrently with Spokane so it will be a shuffle for me to hot foot it back up to Spokane for the opening reception of my show and then back down to paint on Saturday.

August 1-8, not for sure but I've been invited to Cheyenne, WY, to a paintout. A bit far to go but I should be done putting up hay in time to make that one too. Like to think I could go down through Yellowstone but that is the hieght of tourist season and I've never been down the back roads of Idaho.

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