Saturday, July 02, 2011

Westfork Hay Ranch

Ranch boss Betsu on her Ford Horse.
Ranch Boss Betsu and the 1000th bale

Ranch Boss in the Clover

This has been an extrodinary year for hay this year with nearly double the amount of hay we usually get.  A long, cool and rainy spring has made the Sanpoil an Eden of growing things.  We have more birds nesting and butterflies, bees and wild critters than we can remember seeing in years. 
I had one of those "life moments" when I discovered a wonderful field of clover.  Millions and millions of white and red clover, 2' tall.  It smelled fabulous and buzzed with the sound of any number of pollinators including some of my own Carnolian Bees.  If I get any honey from them I'll have to label in Piney Woods Clover Honey because the field of clover was among some of the biggest pines on the Westfork Ranch.

In an effort to keep my painting arm in practice I keep an easel handy and record things that need painting.
This is a composite of many mornings greeting the sun while waiting for the dew to burn off the fields.

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