Sunday, February 03, 2013

Steelhead Fishing The Olympic Penninsula

Exploring Steelhead Fishing on the rivers of the Olympic Penninsula has been awesome. Your best investment is rain gear although the weather has been inordinately good according to the locals. Good, meaning 'not raining'. This weekend was even better, 55 degrees and sunny but makes for poor fishing, atleast that's what the locals say.

Steelhead evidently prefer cloudier water before they will enter the river from the ocean and these rivers have been unusually clear. Atleast that's what the locals say.

So far I've fished the Solduc, checked out the Bogachiel and Calawah, fished the Hoh, Clearwater, Salmon and Queets and still have a dozen more to check out.

I haven't had ANY luck catching steelhead although I had a big one on but I'll save that story for the campfire. I seem to only be able to catch (and release) bull trout. One 23". I have yet to catch (and release) any sea run cut-throat.
I'm starting to decipher the ubiquitous greens of west/wet side forests and will be doing some paintings that explore fishing the Penn although I'm currently working on urban landscapes It's great to have such world class landscapes such as the Olympic Penninsula close and accessible from Olympia, WA.