Monday, February 11, 2008

Behind the Barn, 16x20, oil

After studying the paintings of Russian Realist I have come to appreciate the colors of winter. The variety of greys are an opportunity to indulge in the temperature of colors.
As Twatchman I have come to know snow is full of color and pattern or an opportunity for design elements.
Richard Schmid forces me to draw and keep my pallet clean. Very important when trying to express the close hues of a white tree against the white snow of a mountain or the tracks of deer making paths behind the barn.
Top to bottom, front to back, thin to thick, are becoming second nature when executing the painting. I still have to stop and remind myself what range of values I had in mind but by mixing my paint before I start I achieve both a range of value and establish the overall temperature of the painting which achieves harmony.
Spontenaity is achieved by deliberation.


Village in the Mountains 8x10 oil

The town of Republic is located in the mountains between two mountain passes, Sherman pass 5500' and Wauconda pass 4300'. It is very isolated and self reliant.
This is a view of the Catholic Church which overlooks the town and valley.
The town was founded due to the discovery of gold. It is the one and only incorporated town in the County .
The area is reknown for hunting and fishing and has been the destination of many generations who appreciate that activity.
It is a very economically depressed area but a good place for an artist.
One of my favorite subjects are the small rural towns around eastern washington. Whether the wheat fields or the timbered mountains, life is changing. Many small towns may disapear due to the challenging economy. "Ghost towns do happen", as one economic specialist said.