Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Sonnet from the Greatest Poet my friend 'Slatz'

My friend and bard Dick Bresgal, a.k.a. Slatz wrote this Sonnet lately.

I must leave room for the poet.

An iconic photo from the streets of Seattle seemed to be appropriate, it needed to nest in the arms of a sonnet.
Thanks Slatz...

December 10, 2006 (10:19am), Sunday


I walk in darkness with a heavy burden

uneven ground beneath my stumbling feet.

I do not know the contents of my burden.

I lack desire. I do not know need.

The darkness does not end with morning light.

The sun will never warm these scraping bones.

The dark is blindness. Never ending night.

The load I carry on my back, sharp stones.

I stand enchanted in an open door,

a fellow citizen with sun and wind

of eternal loveliness in endless store.

Necessity does not require a plan.

I am these two men and others less defined.

Each a temporary resident of mind.
"Copyright © 2006 by F.R. Bresgal"