Thursday, January 24, 2008

Riding through Valhalla, 16x20, oil

A couple years ago I attended a workshop in Nakusp, BC and discovered Valhalla National Park. An extrordinary location with convenient access to some serious backcountry and alpine vistas.
David Alexander was the workshop mentor. He pushed us to experiment. I don't know how much of that stuck but the photos of the trip have.
This painting was done from a digital photo. I have been studio bound while it has been below zero for some time. Working this way is comfortable but a challenge as I lose the sponteniety of being forced to get the painting done before the light changes. Overworking the painting gets problematic so I set a timer and don't work more than an hour without taking a break and try to get things done in 3 hours total.


latest work

Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in 3D

this is exceptional although it makes the point about the eternal truths we have come to know conveyed through mediums that last through time. My wonder is "what would we know of Jesus or Budha if their words had been digital?" probably nothing........

Painting a Scene of a New York City Street by Karin Jurick

gotta love painting to old Deano. uses a single brush for the whole painting. neutral dark imprimatura, kinda like painting on black velvet. doesn't do alot of blending. good perspective. never see these folks load their brush, makes for a magic touch

Qiang Huang painting still life

good long demo. warm imprimatura. concise modeling. cool light warm shadows.

Singapore Artist Oil Painting Class Online Demo

gotta love this guy's work

Singapore Artist Ng Woon Lam Floral Oil Painting

well done instructional video