Friday, November 20, 2009

slogging through winter with still life's

Studio time. To paint everyday keeps the brush sharp and pallet fresh. It also means keeping the rain and snow off your back. It means searching the internet and following up leads on show opportunities, competitions and marketing. Following the 'business plan' which is basically a schedule of production to keep this A.D.D. artist, focused. Seems to be a work in progress......


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Villa in Twisp

11x14 plein air study. The Methow river wends its way through the foot hills of the Cascades. A landscape of deer, salmon and exceptional steel head fishing if like my friend, Kevin Bevins, you know how to get 'em.
It's an area that has been discovered by the 'rich and famous' but gets pretty mellow in the winter as the pass to the West side of the state closes and the place returns to the locals.
Art is finding its way into the culture, replacing timber jobs that have gone away. There is some ranching and some orchards that still manage to get by but life is in transition as it is in the entire 'inland' west.
A land of scarce but clean water, the locals are making a concerted effort to reclaim the land and the balance of nature with many projects that preserve agricultural land, reclaim natural habitat and look forward to the future.
A good place for art and plein air painting.
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