Saturday, July 30, 2005

News from Sanpoil Studios, "The Artist on the Road"

News from "Sanpoil Studios"

Painting out of doors is more than just painting. Being in a wonderful place such as Glacier Park, Mt is what it is all about. Not only do I take a piece of the landscape with me but I am there in the moment.
Here I am at a turnout of "Going to the Sun Road" that is carved out of the cliff face of the Rockies. Many artists have sat in this very location, Charlie Russel, Joe Abresscia to name a couple. It isn't hard for even a hack like me to paint something that has a little merit when you set up your easle in a place like this.
My feet are hanging over a 1000' drop into the valley below. Many, many visitors stop to take in the view and look over my shoulder. It takes a little courage to perform like this but I like it. People watching kind of makes me ramp up the effort and do a good job. I could have sold every painting I did if only for a couple dollars. 2 million visitors make the pilgrimage which says that it's good subject matter.
There are many galleries in the area. Bigfork in particular is a growing artist community. I couldn't believe the growth in the area. It has been discovered by the rich and famous with rumor of movie stars and industrialists building 38,000 sg foot homes.
One of our friends Steve and Sandy Nogal have opened a fine restaurant, "McGarry's" that is doing fine in Whitefish, Mt. If you ever have a chance you've got to try Steve's apple pie. It's awesome, especially with a little vanilla ice cream on the side. His baby back ribs are great and a wine list that is as good as any you will find.


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