Saturday, August 06, 2005

Paint everyday

I get up around 4:30 to capture the morning light as it lights up the valley and pushes the shadows down into the valley.

It was cold. 3 hours of painting and I was froze. I had to go to town, (Republic, WA) to get a cup of coffee and warm up. I gave up coffee sometime ago but had to have a cup of Joe.

The buildings in the background are those of the Campabasso family. This is the Campabasso and Stensgar homestead. Stensgars are the descendants of those that ran the Hudson Bay Company at Fort Colville.

In the 40's there was a hunting lodge here. Glen Whitelaw flew in dignitaries to the back country to hunt. Today the tribe doesn't allow non-tribal hunting although they allow fishing and sell their own permits a.k.a. "squaw permits to fish.

This picture is a little misleading as I have worked on it since and have added a team of horses hauling a load of loose hay down the road. It came off O.K and interjects the element of a story instead of just a landscape. The canvas is only 11 x 16 so the team of horses is only 1" biig. Might be the smallest team in the world!

Going huckleberry picking today up in the Kettle mountains with Aunt Dian. Should be good picking as there was lots of rain this summer although not much snow last winter.


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