Monday, February 27, 2006

horse portrait commissions

I've been painting my horses on big canvasses or atleast 2'x3'. I would like to paint them bigger, lifesize would be good, 8'x10' canvas would do it. It's great to be able to use bigger brushes. It's a relief to be able to see better too. Not have to fuss over details, they just appear. I begin the painting in the coral with the horse tied up and then go in and finish. It usually takes me about 8 hrs of work depending on how demanding I want to get. I like bringing out their character. They all have distinctive colors and markings.

Painting can be a very lineal process. Rationally picking colors and laying them out using an intuitive grasp of the image that I have while keeping in mind the overall effect of the painting, works with big canvasses. I have to move around a lot and keep things balanced. When it is all said and done it comes down to the 'eye'. The eyes are a window on the soul. I've often felt when I look in the eye of a horse that I am closer to the Creator but not nearly as close as a horse gets to be.


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