Saturday, April 29, 2006

Painting at Sisters and John Day Fossil Beds

We all met at the annual Small Farmer's Journal Auction in Sisters, Oregon. This year along with a couple buggies I took to sell I set up my horse trailer as a gallery. Kind of announcing to the teamster crowd that 'ol Greggor is plowing a new furrow, that of a painter. Had a great time doing some sketches of old timers. Might bone up on portraiture and try to capture the ol boys before anymore of them hang up their harness for good. Did two oil sketches of Vern Leathers and Dan Kintz. Dan didn't stop telling yarns the whole time I was sketching. It took a couple days as we had to hang it up due to rain. Dan ended up with the painting and bought a frame to protect it on the way home.
Fellow teamster and Horselogger, Rod Gould, from Greenwood, B.C. took the time on the way home to go through the John Day country and do some sketching of the Fossil Beds. It would have been great but my tailgate fell off the pickup and I ran over it with the horse trailer. Luckily Rod was following and stopped and drug it off the road. Kind of an interesting sculpture now. We couldn't travel at night because it tore the pigtail for the trailer lights out so we made the best of the situation and camped over at the Fossil Beds to do some painting.
The fossil beds are pretty outrageous landscape. Kind of like what Mars must look like. I would try to capture more details next time rather than the over all landscape as the details are wonderful colors but are more believable than the incredible ash flows.


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