Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Cameras don't get it.

Study; Lobster Shack #1
Study Lobster Shack #2

I've started a painting in the studio of "The Lobster Shack". It was a great find. I've got both watercolor and oil studies as well as lots of digital pix. I found the camera can't pick up the colors I thought were there. Maybe I haven't set up the camera right or maybe I see more nuances than the camera. Probably both. The studio painting is going fast because I 'have a plan'. I'm particularly interested in the painting as a finished product. So much different than plein air where I never get it completely done and don't paint on them afterward. I miss the spontenaity that 'alla prima' painting outdoors accomplishes but I am discovering new techniques and ability to 'see'. Studio painting is dangerous because it is about painting what you know rather than what you see. I hope that the work I have done in Plein Air has built my visual vocabulary suffinciently that I can 'wing' it in the studio.
There will probably be a series of these paintings as I've got some things to try. My goal is to have 50 paintings with considerable consistency by next spring so that for the purpose of a resume'.


Blogger Katherine said...

Gregg - great to see the studies and hear about your process.

Cameras never ever pick up the colours properly and they are disgustingly awful at getting the values right as well.

I find the trick is to have a good sketch (which creates the memory as well as recording the colours and values); take some photos for 'architecture and perspective (natural or built) and then try and recreate the plein air experience in the studio. Some planning and some frisson!

Looking forward to seeing more of your work

6:06 AM  
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