Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Poultry Paintings ( :

Both SOLD thanks for your support!

Poultry Paintings or Chicken Scratchings, manager found out I like chickens and suggested I do a "chicken painting" a day and start a "product line". I took her advice and everyday I whip out a painting of a chicken. It's fun. It only takes a couple hours at the most to do an 8x10. I used to do small watercolors of chickens, mat them and sell them for $15 or so apiece. They disappeared like hotcakes.

They are so colorful and a great excuse to have fun with paint. They are very sociable. Watching chickens is like a world in microscope plus the added benefit of eggs for the table. My favorites are banties and Araucaunas. They lay blue and green eggs.

I think everyone can relate to chickens and some even identify with the little buggers. I remember before my youngest son, JC, began to talk he raised a chick and carried it around for a pet. Maybe that's why he crows like a rooster now that he's in college ( :

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