Tuesday, July 22, 2008

"Sunbathing Betty", oil, 16x20

My favorite model is vaporizing in the sun before my eyes. A dedicated model I couldn't allow her to fry in the 95 degree heat so this session only lasted 20 minutes but I really like how it came off. I've been using oil gesso and sanding it smooth. Using thin washes of Old Holland medium I mix myself I can control the drying time and application. I got some nice sable brushes that make me have finer control. I believe I'm developing my sensitivity to color and handling. I've looked at art all my life without fathoming the finer points of application until I attempt achieving certain effects with the brush.
Instead of diluting hue with titanium white I use the white of the canvas as one would when doing a transparent watercolor. I especially like quick drying glazes that I can immediately layer new strokes. Cool over warm, light over dark etc.
JC is an EFF (emergency fire fighter) for the BIA on the Colville Reservation. Home from U of E. Kentucky, he chases wild fires to earn money for university. He's going to be a famous writer (starting with his first novel, "White on Rez") if his papa has any say in the matter.
To keep him preoccupied he's doing what most young people are doing these days, chatting on his laptop. 30 minutes was about all I could get out of him. He found out how hard it is to sit still or rather my version of sitting still. He's got great features. I hope he takes up my suggestion that he approach the art deptartment at Uof EK or "YUK" as he says, and make $20 an hour as a model. He's a fit dude, packing his firefighting equipment around these mountains keep him fit as a marine.
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