Thursday, October 07, 2010

Painting with Don .ning Maier,

I painted with Don .ning Maier, his wife Suzy and Lynn Haines.  Don and Suzy drove out from Georgia on a whirlwind tour of the Western States.  He ran out of wind in Cheyenne, Wy., and had to check into the vets hospital and get some oxygen as the altitude effected his breathing.  A true road warrior and plein air painter Don and Suzy continued on to Lynn Haines place at Lincoln, Washington and her lake place where we all met to paint and jawbone about art.

Don is notorius as the builder of the web site which has something like 1700 participating plein air artist that post paintings on the site and palaver about things artistic.  It's a great site and we all owe Don a big Thanks for keeping us all in touch.


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