Monday, November 17, 2014

Next Show; American Art Company, Tacoma, WA

I managed to sneak a piece in a juried show in Tacoma, Wa, juried by famous painter Jermey Lipking.  I don't enter many juried shows as I don't take rejection well but I guess that's part of the gig and then there's the hastle of deadlines, bios, and receptions.
 Juried shows are a form of validation.  One works in a vacuum doing your own thing, not knowing or caring for that matter if a piece will sell but a living must be made so out there goes your heart and soul to hang on a wall for others to throw darts at although people are kind and one never hears the negative, kind of like Facebook, nobody says what's really on their minds when you post a painting on FB everyone's like "lah, lah, lah, beautifull colors".  I guess that's the real value of juried shows, at least you get a thumbs up OR down about your work.  It's a hard row to hoe but as much as I seem to complain I like the validation. 
This show had a theme, "Nature's Gift of Water", and was promoted by the Plein Air Painters of Washington, PAWA,  They wanted a plein air piece and another that was a studio piece made from the plein air study.   Mr. Lipking chose some fine paintings so there must have been an impressive selection of work from which to choose.  I look forward to meeting him and the other painters in the show.  The American Art Company  has been around since the 1800's.
 Here's the invite and my two pieces that will be in the show, they are both called "Sea of the Palouse" because the Palouse looks like waves on the ocean and the landscape was shaped by the ancient floods of Lake Missoula.  I'll be at he show for both the opening and the closing events Friday December 5th 4-7 and Jan 31st 3-5, 1126 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, Wa
Pleinair piece; "Sea of the Palouse" 11x14, oil and "Sea of Palouse II" 24x24, oil


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