Thursday, August 11, 2005

August 11, another painting excursion

I did this painting yesterday. It's 11 x 14". Looking south down the valley at Chick le est with Chillimoss in the background. I'm going to wear this view out I've painted it so much. I guess part of the reason I paint early morning light is that it's so hot in the afternoon and I hide out in the studio to duck the heat. Sometimes I take a chair down to the creek and sit right in the water and paint.
I'm going to work on this a little more. I like what's going on here and there but think it should have a little work on the mid ground values. It won't be alla prima but whose looking? I like how the foreground values work. I'm trying to work with warmer earth tones in the foreground and not get stuck on greens. I'm looking forward to autumn and the wonderful colors that the Cottonwoods and aspen create.

I joined a local gallery. It's a cooperative by Ferry County artists in Republic, WA, called 'Gold Mountain Gallery". That's appropriate for my mountains! The jury is still out but I stand a good chance of getting in. With two boys in college I'm going to have to peddle a lot of paintings! Maybe try Ebay and connect it with this blog. That should be interesting.


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