Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Working in the studio, the Owhi Herd

I've spent some time lately in the studio on the advise of my friend and fellow painter Everett Russel. He says that a painting is an idea. "It's all well and good to paint outside but you have to let the dust settle and see what you have learned by working in the studio."

After a couple days working on this painting of a wild herd of horses I can see what he means. Working in the studio allows me to spend the time building the painting. Planning the layout and composition, what pallet to use, and the key of the painting. What with all the choices it gets a little overwhelming but that is taken care of with the first stroke of the brush. The looseness and spontaneity of painting out of doors with the weather and light changing is difficult to work into the painting but at the same time it's nice to be in the shade and "no bugs!"

This is a work in progress. The paint is pretty thick although I am layering glazes over the dried oil and changing the composition with color rather than object placement.
The painting is holding together so I will continue to refine it. I enjoy the idea of a herd of horses, showing the herd sire, the mares, their offspring of different ages. The two little paint colts are exceptional. I've gone back to visit them and they are thriving, they've put on quite of few hundred pounds and are wild as elk!

I've joined a local gallery. It is a co-op and requires the members to take turns manning the desk and waiting on people. Even though it's 35 miles to town I look forward to visiting with folks and seeing the work of other artist. I don't know though? If the price of gasoline keeps getting any higher I'm going to have to drive the team to town. I might make it in a long day!


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