Thursday, August 18, 2005

Painting, "When Papa Works"

This has been a fun painting.

Now that my boys are off to college and I miss them. I look forward to including them in my paintings if not to hang the memories on my walls, then to sell them and help pay for the boys college education.

I think anyone can relate to this picture either as a child fishing or as a farmer working while they wish they were fishing.

I remember my oldest son Paige was driving a mower and team in front of mine and his windrow got pretty crooked. I thought there must be something wrong with his mower. When he turned the corner I could see what the real problem was, he was reading a book! Since he was only 13 I thought it best to have him drive an old reliable team but after seeing he was bored, I figured he would be better off with the younger team I was driving. That got his attention! I only hope he keeps reading when he's in college.

I'm working on getting these all on Ebay soon! Paige is off to Jamestown in North Dakota and Justus will be at Great Falls, Montana. They both have wrestling scholarships. I only hope they don't weigh the same and have to wrestle each other. Wouldn't that be something! Justus is a freshman and 6' 4" and still growing, he must weigh 190 or so and his brother Paige is 6' 3" and 210 #'s or better. Paige is a Junior and has made it to Nationals. JC is still in a cast from knee surgery so he will probably red shirt and not compete this year. We hope his surgery went well and he will be whole for the future.


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