Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A second visit to a great painting site. Indian Summer continues. It is warm and clear as the sun falls to the southern horizon. Deep ultramarine shadows amplify the gold and orange of softwoods. Alizarin crimson and burnt sienna blend with yellow ocher and yellow cadmium. Middle ground of green goes both ways. Warmed with ochre they turn gold. Cooled by bloom they become purple. I try to concentrate on brushwork. I utilize an underpainting by making it negative space but can't get away from blending color on the canvas to define shape. I seek to find a balance where brushwork doesn't disapear and the color of the underpainting combines with scumbled brushwork to achieve its complementary color as I did with the painting "Deep Lake" which is set aside as a favorite to strive for. Posted by Picasa


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