Friday, June 02, 2006

Paint what you like

Part of the problem with Plein Air painting is developing a composition. If you just paint what you see you might as well use a camera. You have to maniputlate the information the landscape offers. Knowing how much of your imagination to use is difficult.
I've never painted at the ocean and the amount of information to filter was intimidating but as usual I just chucked my inhibitions as soon as I got to painting and enjoyed moving things around.
I worked around the sky, knowing that the sunset would be glorious but brief. I'm not sure I contrived the light on the rocks correctly but was happy with the composition if not the novelty of the tides breaking against the rocks.

"Wedding Rock" 12"x16"


Anonymous tim rogers said...


I started reading your conveyances today while on the road with Peter and Kate. Like your paintings, I found it hard to look away. A man of many arts, You are. Be Well!


3:10 PM  

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