Friday, June 02, 2006

Paint what you know

To get a handle on the situation I do a drawing or a watercolor. Sometimes I would catch a glimps of an image such as a sea lion on a rock and take a mental picture of it then when the opportunity allowed I would draw a simple sketch of the memory. I find that I have developed the ability to take a 'mental picture' of the scene and fill it with as much information as I am capable. The drawing that comes from such an exercise is distilled down to the essentials. I have also learned to not make so much work out of things. I catch myself worrying a painting or drawing to death. I need to trust my first impressions and also expressing that impression.
The Warf at Trinidad is owned by Native Americans. At the end of the warf on the shore is a great place to eat breakfast. I had an oyster omelet that was excellent. It is a great harbor and many fisherman are moored to buoys. We had 3 incredible days of sunshine.
During our trip we saw sea lions, harbor seals, oyster catcher, fox, antelope, herds of elk and birds we had never seen or heard before.


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