Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Draft Horse Drawing #182" 6"x8"

Every day I work in the studio I start the day sketching horses. My intention is to start a body of work that reflects my knowledge of working horses. I think what I will do is a series of horses working in a 'skyscape' to give myself an excuse to paint my two most favorite subjects.

What I have discovered is that it is necessary to do this excercise to maintain the 'visual vocabulary' I have attained with this subject. Where painting from nature whether plein air or alla prima still life is where one begins internalizing this language, it must be excercised to keep such images alive and believable.

As a subject the horse is difficult not only because of its complex and beautiful shape but because the subject is usually in motion. Over time I get more comfortable drawing the horse from different perspectives. Because having worked horses for more than 30 years I look forward to the paintings that I hope to do that impart my respect for my equine partners and the world as it should be if it weren't for the 'infernal combustian engine."



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