Wednesday, December 27, 2006

"Otter Bay Lobster Shack 2" oil on canvas 16"x20"

I continue to 'fix' this painting. A little too busy, I can't get myself to change the rocks anymore because I like the spiral composition of the seaweed as it flows into the rocks which I think suggests movement of the tide coming in. I put more detail in the lobster traps stacked on the warf and added a skiff that the lobster man climbing up to his shack has tied off to the pier. His lobster boat with the sail up to keep the boat into the wind in case it storms, is tied off to a buoy sheltered in Otter Bay from the open sea, a sea that goes off endlessly to where clouds are building on the horizon and portend heavy weather is coming.
Perhaps the sky is too blue but I guard against fixing it because everytime I do I get carried away and the painting changes. I have learned that the sky may look blue but is grey imbued with contrasting complimentary colors. Working with ones imagination you have to guard against what you think a thing should look like and what you have to do visually to make it believable.



Blogger Ed Terpening said...

I think this painting is coming together well.

9:16 AM  

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