Monday, August 27, 2007

more from Mt Desert Isle and Wildwood Stables

It's a pretty intense time driving horses on Mt. Desert Isle. There are 6 teamsters 12 teams and 8 wagons.
We're out in the paddocks by 5a.m. and bring the horses in to feed them oats. Then we go clean the manure out of the paddocks and then we get to go eat our breakfast and start our day.
Here's a shot of the crew. left to right. Charly from Mississippi (Postal Man), Neal from Tennessee (you can just see his bald head, Randy Money (Mr. Manager a.k.a. coach, cool dude, always laughing, the more serious the situation the more he laughs), Oolah (Danish road apple mechanic), Janey (coaches wife and all around girl friday, vet, emt, cook and office manager), Mrs Bobbi Winterberg, (gracious southern Bell), Les Peters ( expatriat east african who played rock and roll in Rome with 10 yrs after, hendrix and a bunch of other legends, now hunting guide for LL Bean), and Jim Davis (local horse pull champion and all around draft horse expert). Most of these guys have been together for 20 years putting this shindig together. The stories of the past are outrageous. I hope to get some down in print, like the guy who impressed girls by roasting marshmellows between his fingers and bending horse shoe nails into rings for his girlfriends.
I thought I might acquire a down east Maine accent but all these folk are southerners, Yawl!