Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bernard Harbor, ME

I did a painting of the Bernard Harbor Lobster Pound. I got permission from 85 year old Irving Silverton to paint from his lobster dock. Irving has a Light House chapel that he marries couples in memory of his departed wife. He always wanted to be a lobsterman but ended up marrying people instead.
Lobster boats unload lobster here and you can buy them right off the dock or go to the famous Thurmond Lobster restaurant and have them cooked with an ear of corn. There was a long line so I went across to Bass Harbor and traded a watercolor for dinner at the Mainly Maine Lobster shack.I keep forgetting to take pictures of all the paintings I've done and some have been sold or traded. I've got to watch that and try to get them recorded.
I thought we were busy driving carriages before but now it's Cruise ship season and we will get waves of riders.
I've met lots of great people, the weather has been choice. I'm coming to terms with maritime landscapes enough that folks are buying them. The hardwoods are starting to turn. In a few weeks I should be painting waves of color.
I met another pleinair artist Grant Hughes and plan to go out painting with him.
I missed our Ferry County Fair for the first time in 20 something years and feel pretty down about that but I went to the Blue Hill Fair here in Maine to see one of our teamsters compete. I saw some of the biggest horses and oxen I've ever seen. A couple Belgians weighed over 2700 lbs. and some oxen were as big as draft horses. Unfortunately I didn't get to see the oxen work and would have liked to have seen the National field dog trials.